Hola Amigos! It's been a busy autumn at the headquarters. Mr. Toto is now completely integrated in the 5 headed Troll of Null$kate$nylterne, and this autumns concerts have been a total blast. In Ås we had the pleasure of participating in the "Pubdagene"-festival. Close to 400 people squeezed in at the local Pizza Parlor to see and hear us kick in the overdrive. Due to a few minor drum technical problems - that's the way it goes when your blessed with a hard hitting' drummer like Tommy - we had to postpone our stage entrance with approximately 40 minutes. Anyway, when we finally hit the stage we had an absolutely great time. Reports from our beloved audience after the show told us that several glasses, t-shirts and even bra's where lost during our set. Not have we only played some stunning concerts this autumn, we have also had the opportunity to taste some of Norway's fine fast food kitchens. In Moss we ate an absolutely delicious dish made of noodles and shrimps. Together with our fellow companions; the Carburetors, we were all stunned by the extremely good price-quality ratio that the restaurant were able to deliver. 50 NKr. for a tasty and complete dinner, what more could you ask? So fans and other fast food lovers - the gourmets of Null$katte$nylterne strongly recommend you to explore the dining facilities in Moss Rock City as soon as possible. Talking about recommendations we would also like to remind you about our new release on HappyRape Records. We have put 2 tracks on their superb sampler Norwegian Nihilism. If you are (once again) late with your present buying for Christmas - we strongly recommend you to check out the sampler. Containing 19 tracks of fine family entertainment it is this years recommendation and a suitable gift for mom, dad, other family members and of course friends. If you would like to improve your chances on a potential girl/boyfriend the sampler is an absolutely must, success is about to come your way if you are the thoughtful giver of this fine item.

Dear website readers, We have yet another confession to bring from the headquarters. Micke has decided to leave the combo. The decision was taken after our furious show in Copenhagen in June. The argument for retirement was the hard work and lifestyle that life on the road with a hard rockin' band lead to. He now wants to spend more time at home playin' cricket, tennis and polo with his kids. Micke will also have some additional time to spend on songwriting and producing in his brand new, fully equipped 48 - track recording studio based in the basement of his mansion. In addition Dirk von Schneider and Nosebleeder Records has offered him a position as Senior Talent Officer in Schneider's organisation. "I have to think it over, but talent development is something I definitively would like to spend more time on" is Micke's comment to Schneider's offer. In a statement regarding the retirement Micke says "I have to confess that it not is an easy move for me to make the step I’ve just done. It has been a lot of fun working with the highly qualified and talented young men of Null$katte$nylterne. For sure I will miss them, and together we were able to create moments of pure passion and pleasure. Both in the studio and on the stage I felt that we all were able to get out the very best in each of us. That made every stage appearance or day spent in the studio with these guys incredible fun and exciting. I will also save all those precious memories from time spent with Null$katte$nylterne on airports, train stations, backstage, around the dining table waiting for some overcooked pasta to be served, in the van with hours and hours of endless driving, soundchecking with crappy PAs and all those other band things that can turn out incredible boring if you not are surrounded by such great guys. In addition I would of course like to thank all the nice people we've met along the way. A cheers goes out to all you dedicated people at record labels around the world we’ve been lucky to work with. Promoters and stagehands on all the venues from Tromso to Peesten - thanks for all your kindness and professionality - it's been a pleasure collaborating with you. Last, but definitively not least, a big hug goes out to YOU - a part of our dedicated audience. THANK YOU". "Of course it's a pity that Micke is leaving, but that's the way it goes sometimes" says Tommy - Null$katte$nylterne's hard-hitting and good-looking drummer. "I am convinced that our best is yet to come. We started immediately working with a replacement for Micke and I am sure we've found the right guy. We've spent some warm summer weeks intensively rehearsing with our new frontman and I am proud to tell you that we got a hell of a stallion coming up. He's got the voice and the moves, and it's gonna be with great pleasure we are presenting the new guy in front of a live audience. First in the end of August in front of a local motorcycle gang and then in the beginning of September he will come along for the Safety Pin Festival in Oslo were he will be joined by the one and only Kike Turmix for a couple of songs. In addition we are really looking forward to present some new material for our beloved audience. The notorious Eirik the Viking has made some romantic experiences during the light Nordic summer nights. Those experiences has materialised into some really great tunes - like his romantic life nowadays they are quick and catchy - we all love them and it's gonna be great to kick out these songs on stage in front of you. Reviews from around the world on Alpha Motherfuckers are now tickin' in at the headquarters and they are all quite good. Check for example this one in German U$ citizens who wants to spend their hard earned bucks on a fine piece of wax filled with high quality artists and good songs might order the Alpha Motherfuckers album at Hopeless Records website: Saludos!!

Null$katte$nylterne showed up in a radio show at NRK P3 called "Kaliber" ....
The newspaper "JP København" (Copenhagen, Denmark) awarded Null$katte$nylterne for the
weeks best band name, cool.....!

Null$katte$nylterne has just returned from their crusade to the very north and Germany. The gigs on “Fuckin’ North Pole Ska & Punk Festival” in Tromsø were a complete blast. We did our very best not to be tempted by the dangerous combination of goodlookin’ women and hardkickin’ booze in the polar capitol of Europe. Our inner concentration and strength proved once again to be successful and by concentrating on our main mission in the city we were able to deliver two high quality sets of that good old P-råkk music.

In Germany we had the pleasure of meeting our colleagues from Canada; the Real Mc Kensis. As they – like us - are playing “Sailorman” on the Turbonegro tribute album “Alpha Motherfuckers” we had decided to kick their asses quite hard and then invite them for some fistfighting. But when we met them they turned up to be even better equipped physically than we are. We therefore made a quick change in our plans and invited them for a sip of Rum in the next door bar. Talking to them was very interesting and we had the pleasure of exchanging useful information with the Canadians on sailing, navigation and other maritime issues.

Record buyers please check out our new release on HDP (Heavy Drinking Productions) from Gothenburg, Sweden. Our version of long time Spanish underground legend Paralisis Permante’s “Autosufficienca” is included on “A collection of great dance tunes vol. 1” together with several other European and North-American bands!

Attention world - news from the headquarters:
Rumours and pressure are growing and we have to declare the following statement for you:
Yes it's true - Eirik the Viking is involved in well-paid and lucrative jazzprojects.

We know that this might be a serious shock and a major disappointment for some of you. We all tried to keep this a secret - but his TV appearances the last days (he even appeared on cult programme # 1 in Norway; “Påskenøtter” with his double bass) and growing attention from the media has lead us to the conclusion of telling you the truth. We know how you feel - we have also asked ourselves the same questions as you -
how can such a talented, attractive young man - known for a gorgeous sex appeal (attracting both femmes and hommés) be involved in that kind of entertainment?

In a short press communiqué received by fax at the headquarters last night, Eirik the Viking clearly spells out that rock is cooler than jazz. In addition he admits - "my stage appearances with the double bass hasn't
lead to much female attraction - even though some petting have taken place backstage after a few gigs".

This comment made us a bit more tranquillos and signs are saying we'll have him back in line before too long.
It will be great to have him at home - his presence at stage are able to stir up a riot at every venue and we
are looking forward to get him back in line.

Check out the gigs section in a few days - if our too well paid managers are able to move their asses - things are looking quite bright for concerts both above the polar circle and on the European continent in the near future!

The band also appeared at NRK1s Miitnyyyyyitth (Midtnytt)

Juha Mieto EP getting good reviews, the band were also interviewed by TV-Norge!

January 2001
Juha Mieto EP-info, here.
Pictures from the releaseparty on Photos....

The CD-EP "Juha Mieto extended play" will be out January 20th. Releaseparty at "Studentersamfundet", Trondheim..... Be there..!!!

Rumours from the headquarters at Nosebleeder Records tells that the JUHA MIETO EP is on the way to the pressing plant. The record is about the hit the stores in the end of January and contains four brand new songs recorded by Null$katte$nylterne. One of the songs is a tribute to the king of cross country skiing Mr. JUHA MIETO.

The CD-compilation "Gearin Up To Get Down Vol.2" is out on Rebel-records (Columbus,Ohio) Null$katte$nylterne´s song "Klå" is included among band as 12Oz Rebels, The Hymans, Trailor Park Riot.....

Null$katte$nylterne have recently spent some more hours in the well equppiped mansion of "Hit even Harder Studios". Three brand new songs were recorded and the result is to be released later this autumn. The vinyl compliation "Fuckin´ North Pole Punk Rock Collection Vol.1" on Underground Records in Tromsø has just hit the streets. It's a fine piece of colored wax filled with high quality punkrock made above the Polar Circle. Reports from the barentsregion tells that it's freezy to wear a mohawk-haircut when it's 20 below, but due to great progressions in the technology of long underwear acts like Null$katte$nylterne, Nikkeby Lufthavn, Nihilists and Nagazaki are able to deliver even in temperatures below zero! Truly a great bunch of vikings! Chances are good that this record will be a perfect companion in the dark and cold evenings of autumn. Lit up the fireplace, tell your mummy to make you a big cup of hot chocolate, put on the sampler - turn the volume up and let the good time roll!! "Muga 16 anos 2000" compilation is out in Bilbao,Spain distribution Safety-Pin records (Madrid).
Null$katte$nylternes "Kval & Krill" is included among band as Nomads, Jeff Dahl, Sator, Scott Morgan Pirate´s....

Null$katte$nylterne did not play at "Steinbrudd-festivalen 2000", other artists were
Gluecifer, Big Bang, Terje Tysland (member of the former Norwegian band called Prudence).....
A collection 7" is on the way, Null$katte$nylterne´s "Harmoni" is included, stay tuned!.

After numerous requests from the international part of Nosebleeder Records and a strong urge to conquer the U$ of A; Null$katte$nylterne included their brand new song "kom igjen" for the "rock em suck em vol2." compilation. The sampler is released by the mighty label Evil Midget Records based in Dallas, TeXas, U$A.

Null$katte$nylterne has once again hit the studio. Due to minor technical problems in the now legendary "Hit Hard Studios", the band decided to move the battleground for the new recordings to the comfortable mansion of "Hit Even Harder Studios". The sessions were as usual guided by the "Wizard of Sound" Mr. Geir Vector behind the wheel. After 48 hours of champagne & sound extravaganza it seems like the boys have been able to put pure highlights on tape. Rumours says that during the session new instruments like horns, organs and saxophones were added to the energic music of Null$katte$nylterne. Hopefully we'll be able to hear the final result during this autumn.

The music magazine "Backstage" gave 5 out of 6 for the Prudence tribute:
"shake hands and be friends with prudence"(split Null$katte$nylterne/tugboat).

The biggest Spanish music magazine Ruta 66,had an article with Null$katte$nylterne.
Null$katte$nylterne are headin' for HitHard Studios to record two brand new songs.
Null$katte$nylterne joined by Kine Wallum (from quintrophenia) will play "Jet Set
Member" on the Rockgalla in Namsos, Norway.

News from the past, here......