Norwegian five piece rump shakin`& rockin` combo. The name of the band is difficult, but you might as well learn it right now: Null$katte$nylterne. These brats are gonna kick your teeth and shake your hips anyway. So don’t give up, go ahead and try again!
Even though the boys play in the face punk`n`roll the band is based in an small village called Namsos in the middle of Norway. Those of you that didn`t sleep back in school probably know that this means fuckin` close to the north pole, and fuckin` far away from civilisation. But although the fab five know perfectly well the meaning of «long underwear», their music is red, hot & burnin`.

Raised on a steady diet of moonshine & dried fish these youngsters were bound to rock. After finishing elementary school (yepp, some of them are able to read) and chrashing their mopeds, they decided to put their act together. Their sound is kick started by the frenetic drummer Tommy. This beast beats the skins like a combination of Tommy Ramone and a Tommy Gun. He is followed by riffs pumped out by a threeheaded asskickin` troll which gives their tunes a solid wall of sound. On top of this loud monster lays an angry harmonica blowin` and melody shoutin` motherfucker.

As you may have noticed on their 7 inches, he is shouting in an local Norwegian dialect. This dialect is hardly understood by anyone else than the 500 inhabitants in their home village, but there is no need to worry. You don`t miss too much. Use you imagination, and I do not disclose a big secret if I tell you that most of their material are revolved around the three F`s: Fucking, Fighting & Fun!

Null$katte$nylterne in concert is an outstanding experience. After loads of gigs in front of local motorcycle gangs they have created a unique live character. These gigs have learned the band to, literally spoken, fight for the attention of the audience. During those days they developed a special blend of potent, loud and mind-blowing rock`n`roll which makes the crowd sweat. Being in the audience during a live set done by the boys is best described by jerking off in an exploding sauna........

The band:

Dandy-Boy: Guitar
Åzzy: Guitar
Eirik The Viking: Bass
Torkile The Reptile: Vocals
Tommy: Drums