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News from the Past:

Null$katte$nylterne are playing at:
Charlie's Namsos friday 03.03.00
Union Scene, Drammen wedensday 08.03.00 (together with Big Bang)
Halvors Hybel, Ås saturday 11.03.00
Last Train, Oslo sunday 12.03.00

Null$katte$nylterne split with Euroschäck EP and the Ramones' tribute EP are now available world-wide through "Interpunk".
Log into their site, search for "Nullskattesnylterne" (type it with S, not $'s!), and go for it! Very few copies available.

Null$katte$nylterne are playing at Knaus in Trondheim, they will be supported
of the excellent all girl band VIA.


Safety Pin Records, located in Madrid, has just put out their new superb sampler "Riot on the Rocks Vol 1". Null$katte$nylterne are represented by "Pæng" taken from their first 7".
Check out Metal Hammer, Kerrang!, Heavy Rock Magazine, Mondo
Sonoro, Rock Sound, Ruta 66... for additional info on the compliation!

Null$katte$nylterne will play a few songs on Dirty Nelly in Namsos.
Other bands appearing will be Tugboat & Kong Ler

The split "Jet Set Member/Delbert" between Null$katte$nylterne and Tugboat
is released today, 16th.

Nosebleeder stuff are now distributed by the label with the superb name: "Gonna Puke" from Palermo, Italy. Pastaeaters grab your pen & write to
Gonna Puke
c/o Marco Sannino
Via Monteverdi 43
90145 Palermo

Upcoming gigs by Null$katte$nylterne:
5th of November, Garbo Dancing, Oslo
6th of November, Kroa i Bø
2th of December, Veita Scene i Trondheim

Null$katte$nylterne are invited to Norwegian National Radio for an apperance on NRK Roxrevyen.
Norwegian Radio's grand old man Mr. Harald Are Lund will do the interview.

The concerts in Oslo and Bø were really cool, check out the review from the gig in Bø here

Nationen (a norwegian newspaper) had a one page feature article from Null$katte$nylterne's gig at Garbo in Oslo.

Åzzy did three interviews on Spanish Radio. Two in Barcelona on
Radio Contrabanda & EUBRG. In Madrid Åzzy was interviewed by the famous radio
DJ Jesus Ordovas on his program "Diario Pop". The interview was close to 40
minutes and broadcasted on spanish national radio.

The "Gourmet Extraordinarie" of Spain, Mr. Kike Turmix has invited Null$katte$nylterne for a release on his excellent label Safety Pin Records. Null$katte$nylterne are honoured and grateful for his invitation and will
put "Pæng" on a Safety Pin sampler that will be out before christmas. Rumours say that they'll be joined by acts like Hellacopters and Grinnersamong others. In addition Mr. Turmix and his wife Marga are having
additional "plans" for the five youngsters, plans which are said to include
further releases and touring in Spain.

The splitsingle and Prudence tribute "Jet Set Member/Delbert" with tugboat are now sent to the pressing
plant and will hit the stores by the beginning of December.

Null$katte$nylterne are now distributed by one of the biggest record
distributors on the web. Check it out at
(use s instead of $, when searching)

"Steinbruddfestivalen '99" and Null$katte$nylterne's gig there was a great sucsess.
The band was also interviewed by the Magazine "Terapi" from Trondheim so look out for their next number.

Releaseparty for the new single "kval & krill" at After Eight, Namsos.

Nosebleeder Records latest 7 inches is out. This recording is a tribute to the Ramones and includes recordings by fine artists like Tipos de Interes, Harry Coltello and Null$katte$nylterne. Null$katte$nylterne are doing a version of "She's a sensation" taken from the "Plesant Dreams" album. Tipos de Interes do great versions of "I wanna be your boyfriend" & "She's a sensation", both songs includes excellent vocal harmonies. Harry Coltello does a semi-accoustic version of "I wanna be your boyfriend" including his highclass guitarwork and some backyard birds singin' in the background.

Null$katte$nylterne are playing at Tauterståkk. The festival is located in cool surrondings, a island in the Trondheimsfjord.
On the festival they will be joined by Jonathan Vidal from Tipos de Interes.

Null$katte$nylterne are touring in Germany. So far these gigs are confirmed:
28.07 Berlin (Wild at heart)
29.07 Braunschweig
31.07 Peesten Open Air

The band did a gig at Heroes MC Bangsund

The new 7" splitt Null$katte$nylterne / Euroschack (Germany-Berlin) comming soon.

There's a project going on to release a tribute to the Ramones' 7" split with spanish pop band Tipos de Interés. It may be ready for late July. More news to be posted here soon.

Terrific news! Nullskattesnylterne have won the second award at the Eide-Rock Festival'99. Maybe it's time to make real (again) the first verse of the song "Paeng". What do you say, guys?!?

Null$katte$nylterne finished the recording of "Jet set member". The song was orginally recorded by "Prudence", a great norwegian prog-rock band from the 70's. Null$katte$nylterne's version includes an excellent flute solo played by wondergirl Kine Wallum.

The band is playing a gig at Steinkjer,Norway, so see you all punks out there.

Null$katte$nylternes new 7” are to be released the 5th of April, of course on Nosebleeder Records. Rumours tell that we are waiting for two real hot rockers!

Null$katte$nylterne are kickin´asses at Halvors Hybel, close to Oslo.
The 10th they are headin´for the city and rocks at Mars.

The mighty spanish label Safety Pin Records has signed a
distribution deal with Nosebleeder Records. So all you iberians out there;
what are you waiting for? Check out your record dealer right now!
Visit our links section if you want to visit Safety Pin's website and order your EP from there. In connection to the release Null$katte$nylterne did two concerts last weekend.

350 people showed up in Ås and about 250 in Oslo, of course every single person in the audience got his/hers ass really hard kicked by the boys.

Åzzy appears in Berlin's rockin' poet Harry Coltello's new
book "Coltgas" as a wildass guitarchrusher.

Null$katte$nylterne's apperance on Peesten Open Air the 31th of July (GERMANY) was just confirmed. In connection to this they will do gigs in Berlin and Frankfurt, check out the web-page for updates. German punkers and punkettes, you better get ready!

Null$katte$nylternes new 7 inches Kla/Narr is out. Check out your local record store or distributor, as expected the songs are real hipshakers.

Rumours say that there is a buzz going on in Germany and Spain about our friends.
In Germany the band is signing to MKM management in Berlin.

The first pressing of Null$katte$nylternes first 7” is nearly sold out.
So if you still don´t have it, run down to your record dealer right now!!!!

Radiolegend Harald Are Lund plays Null$katte$nylterne on national radio in Norway.

The boys´ show on Tino´s Pizza in Namsos was cut down to ten songs due to PA- and boozetrouble!
The boys did not enter the stage before 02.00, and by that time they had spent a little too much time and money in the nextdoor bar.
Anyway, they kicked out their high energy tunes and satisfied the crowded Pizza Parlour.

Null$katte$nylterne are doing a radio show on NRK, Norway.

Null$katte$nylterne is doing a great release party for their new 7”. 350 people show up and our friends do their best to kick their asses. Long time fan Knobben breaks an arm in the pressure of the first row.
As usual the show ends in an inferno of loud guitars, beer, moonshine and flying drums.

As expected the reviews from the release party turn out really good.